Real de Asúa
vino ficha
Name of Wine: Real de Asúa
Winery: Imperial
Region of Production: Rioja
Vintage Rating: 2011 Excellent | 2012 Muy buena
Type of Wine: Generic, Red
Style: Generic
Year: 2011
Grape Variety:
Tempranillo: 100%
2011: 93 Wine Spectator points | 2012: 94 Peñín Guide points | 2012 94 Gourmets Guide points

In our very best vineyards in Villalba and Haro we constantly monitor the ripening of both the skins and the flesh of the grapes. This is performed by regular tasting of the grapes which allows us to determine the exact dates for harvesting. Our first selection is collected in small boxes and taken to the winery, where the grapes are spread onto a triage table, and a second selection is made. The grapes ferment in oak vats for 18 months, where after the fermentation they remain for five weeks, at controlled temperatures, with carefully monitored pumping over and submersion of the cap to extract optimum colour and aromas from the skins.