DATE 13 July, 2021

The beautiful story of Jon Rahm with CVNE IMPERIAL

The young golfer has become the first Spaniard to win the US OPEN and has revealed the beautiful story of Jon Rahm with CVNE IMPERIAL.

DATE 13 July, 2021

Maruxa Mencia the new sensation with two IWC medals

IWC awards two prizes to the new CVNE project in Valdeorras: Maruxa Mencia, the new sensation with two IWC medals.

DATE 13 July, 2021

Jancis Robinson is in love with white Riojas

Jancis Robinson is in love with white Riojas and she names some of her favorites: Monopole, Contino and Monopole Clásico.

DATE 11 May, 2021

Full-bodied Spanish red wines 10 Top bottles: Viña del Olivo

Julie Sheppard (Decanter) reveals which grapes, styles and regions you should look out for and recommends bottles to try.

DATE 7 April, 2021

CVNE Top #8 World’s Most Admired Wine Brands 2021 by Drinks International

CVNE is up 15 places and achieves Top #8 World’s Most Admired Wine Brands 2021 by Drinks International.

DATE 23 March, 2021

Rioja is the best wine for Easter thanks to Contino Garnacha

The Guardian includes Contino Garnacha (CVNE) to explain “Why Rioja is the best wine for Easter”.

DATE 2 March, 2021

Top-scoring Wines by Decanter

Based in New York City, Wine Cellarage showcases an extraordinary portfolio of over 14,000 wines from some of the most prestigious producers and regions in the world.

From its vast portfolio, Wine Cellarage has selected six top-scoring wines from the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020, including Cune Gran Reserva (CVNE).

DATE 17 February, 2021

CVNE Rioja 2021 Special Report by Tim Atkin

Tim Atkin just published his Rioja 2021 Special Report and five CVNE wines are Wines of the Year.

DATE 21 December, 2020

Monopole Clásico #7 Top 100 Wines of Spain

James Suckling releases his Top 100 Wines of Spain and includes several CVNE wines like Monopole Clásico 2018 as Top #7 with 94 puntos.
Contino Gran Reserva 2011 gets 97 puntos (#20).

DATE 15 May, 2020

15 great value rosé choices

Georgina Hindle, deputy editor of Decanter, gives a list with 15 great value rosé choices like Cune Rosé.

DATE 23 April, 2020

Monopole: “the dry white wine to drink everyday”.

Edward Deitch publishes on Vinepair how fresh a delicious Monopole is. A dry white wine to drink everyday.


DATE 20 April, 2020

How to taste wine with authority.

In the book ‘Beyond Flavour,’ wine pro Nick Jackson lays out his method of blind tasting. Along with a group of willing students, our wine columnist put his theories to the test.

DATE 7 April, 2020

9 wines to drink now and support the country

Cune Gran Reserva and Cune Barrel Fermented are chosen by Terry Kirby among 9 wines to drink now and support the nation hit worst by Coronavirus

DATE 7 April, 2020

Easter wines: what to stock up on for lockdown

Fiona Beckett Includes Viña Real Crianza among those wines to stock up on for lockdown.

DATE 3 April, 2020

Cune becomes one of The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands

First time Cune is included as one The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands in the list by Drinks International.

DATE 6 March, 2020

10 Rioja Reds That Showcase Spain’s Hidden Value

Cune Reserva enlisted among the 10 Rioja Reds That Showcase Spain’s Hidden Value by Wine Enthusiast

DATE 10 February, 2020

Rioja 2020 Special Report by Tim Atkin MW

High ratings to CVNE, Viña Real and Contino wines in the Rioja 2020 Special Report by Tim Atkin.

DATE 4 February, 2020

IMPERIAL Gran Reserva among the Best Red Wines 2020

IMPERIAL Gran Reserva enlisted in Best Red Wines to Drink This Year by Departures

DATE 23 January, 2020

CUNE Reserva Nº3 Best Spanish Wine by Meininger

WeinWirtschaft Magazine January 2020 is now available with interesting wine news.

DATE 22 January, 2020

CVNE: The Unusual Success of a Family Owned Rioja Winery

The article by Tom Mullen on Forbes is the best way to understand Rioja history through CVNE’s success as a family owned winery.

DATE 21 January, 2020

Contino Blanco 2017, a white wine you should be sipping this year

Jonah Flicker’s article on Departures lets us know those white wines we all should be sipping this year.

DATE 17 December, 2019

8 CVNE wines in the TOP 100 of Spain by James Suckling

James Suckling publishes his TOP 100 spanish wines of 2019 and 8 CVNE wines are in.

DATE 22 November, 2019

Imperial Gran Reserva 2011 #5 Top 100 Wine Enthusiast

IMPERIAL GRAN RESERVA 2011 #5 in the Top 100 Wine Enthusiast

DATE 5 November, 2019

Cune: Warming red for late autumn

Independent’s article about warming red wines for late autumn includes Cune Reserva

DATE 7 October, 2019

CVNE ratings 2019 by James Suckling

Last August James Suckling tasted CVNE wines and these are the ratings published in his last Spain Report.

DATE 2 October, 2019

CVNE is nominated to Wine Star Awards

CVNE has been nominated as European Winery of the Year to the Wine Enthusiast’s 20th Annual Wine Star Awards.

DATE 16 September, 2019

MONOPOLE, the wine’s best-kept secret.

Monopole is one of the wine’s best-kept secrets by Washington Post.

DATE 2 September, 2019

Imperial and Contino’s Tempranillo, among the world’s greatest wines.

Michael Schachner writes on Wine Enthusiast about Tempranillo.

DATE 27 August, 2019

Cune Crianza is BEST BUY according to Wine Enthusiast

90 points to Cune Crianza, BEST BUY according to Wine Enthusiast

DATE 16 July, 2019

IWC International Trophy to IMPERIAL GRAN RESERVA 2011

IWC awards IMPERIAL GRAN RESERVA 2011 with Gold Medal and Rioja Gran Reserva International Trophy.

DATE 9 July, 2019

+90 points Parker to CVNE wines

Latest Rioja report from Luis Gutiérrez (Wine Advocate) rates CVNE wines with +90 points Parker.

DATE 9 July, 2019

All VIÑA REAL wines +90 points Parker

Luis Gutierrez (Wine Advocate) has just published his 2019 Spain Report: Rioja in the market 2019 and we feel happy to know the whole VIÑA REAL range gets +90 points Parker.

DATE 9 July, 2019

High Wine Spectator Ratings to CVNE

Wine Spectator publishes its Rioja Report and gives 90 points to Cune Crianza, also awarded as “Best Value”.

DATE 20 June, 2019

CVNE in the Top 30 Carbonic Maceration Reds by Decanter

The Top 30 Carbonic Maceration published by Andy Howard in Decanter includes CVNE.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Cune Rosado: A New Way To Look At Rosé

Cune Rosado is one of the chosen rose wines by Jill Barth in her article in Forbes.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Cune Crianza, best value on The New York Times

Eric Asimov publishes on The New York Times: “Cune Crianza is a classic formula for Rioja, complete with a modest cushioning of oak. It’s not a complex wine, but it’s highly satisfying”.

DATE 9 May, 2019

CVNE Carbonic Maceration: pure fruit by Daily Mail.

Olly Smith (Daily Mail) picks CVNE Carbonic Maceration as the fruitiest wines for Spring.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Norway has a favourite: CONTINO

Noruega felt in love with Rioja giving Viñedos del Contino high ratings, specially Viña del Olivo (96) and Graciano (95) as first and second best wines.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Rioja 2019 by Tim Atkin MW

High ratings for CVNE, Viña Real and Contino in the Rioja 2019 Special Report by Tim Atkin. Cune Barrel Fermented, best value in Rioja.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Viña Real Crianza – Top 20 wines under $20

Viña Real Crianza – Top 20 wines under $20, by Bloomberg.

DATE 9 May, 2019

British Market: in love with Cune Barrel Fermented

Cune Barrel Fermented is one of the favorites for winter. British people know about cold and choose whites with some barrel aging to provide creaminess in order to polish the acidity of the fruit.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Monopole Clásico: the unicorn of the wines.

Vinepair’s article shows the most curious wines of the world. Among them, Monopole Clásico: the unicorn of the wines.

DATE 9 May, 2019

IMPERIAL GRAN RESERVA 2011 – 97 points Wine Enthusiast

The prestigious Wine Enthusiast gives 97 points to IMPERIAL GRAN RESERVA: classic icon of Rioja.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Monopole Rioja: reasonably priced wine.

CNBC Channel picks the best wines at a reasonable price for holidays. The only spanish wine is a classic Rioja: Monopole.

DATE 9 May, 2019


Independent list of 15 Best Rioja with IMPERIAL RESERVA included. Classic spanish icon for everyone due to its elegance and consistency.

DATE 9 May, 2019

IMPERIAL, classic for celebrations.

El Confidencial brings you the classic wines to success on celebrations, like IMPERIAL.


DATE 9 May, 2019

White Wines for Christmas: a selection by Alistair Gibson

Alistair Gibson publishes on The News ( a selection of white wines. CONTINO, produced in the first single vineyard in Rioja, is one of them.

DATE 9 May, 2019

CONTINO: Only spanish wine in “Best Wines for Christmas”

Irish Times includes Contino as only spanish red wine in the best wines for Christmas

DATE 9 May, 2019

Monopole Clásico in the 50 Best Wines 2018

Vinepair picks Monopole Clásico among the best wines in 2018.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Contino Viña del Olivo – Top 100 by 2018 James Suckling

Contino Viña del Olivo among the 100 best wines 2018 according to James Suckling. 98 points.

DATE 9 May, 2019

CVNE: top wines 2018 – Wine & Spirits

Wine & Spirits publishes its Top 100 wines 2018.
CVNE is the only spanish winery among the Premier Cru.

DATE 9 May, 2019

CVNE team at El Confidencial

El Confidencial interviews CVNE winemakers, women all of them.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Elle Gourmet suggests Viña Real Rosado for Autumn

Elle Gourmet suggests Viña Real Rosado for Autumn and be happy after holidays.

DATE 9 May, 2019

James Suckling rates CVNE

The influential wine critic James Suckling rates CVNE wines with excellent results.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Cune Reserva: great value by New York Times

New York Times stands out the 20 best wines under $20. The only spanish wine is the classic reference of Rioja: CUNE RESERVA.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Trust this name in wine: CVNE

A simple useful guide by Food&Wine to know what to drink next. CVNE is always among the finest brands worldwide.

DATE 9 May, 2019

Monopole Clásico, a “Must Try” by Decanter

The prestigious magazine Decanter values ​​our Classic Monopole among its most specific recommendations and awards it with 92 points.

DATE 31 January, 2019

Cune Crianza: Great wine, greater value.

On January 30, the Daily Herald published a selection of wines emphasizing not only the quality of the wines, but also their value. Cune Crianza is the only Spanish wine chosen.

DATE 20 February, 2018

Rioja 2018 by Tim Atkin

Tim Atkin places Contino in First Growths and CVNE/Viña Real in the Second Growths of his classification, and awards 98 points to Viña del Olivo 2015.

DATE 19 September, 2017

El legado de ‘El Brujo’ de los vinos

Su intuición y su talento como alquimista le otorgaron un apodo, ‘El Brujo’, y ayudaron a construir una leyenda. El enólogo Ezequiel García, fallecido el pasado agosto, a los 86 años, había regresado hace apenas dos años a la bodega para dar nueva vida al vino que le hizo famoso en los sesenta, el Monopole. Esta es la historia de su última obra.

DATE 5 July, 2017

Chandra Kurt’s wein sellar – Monopole Clásico 2014

Some years ago, during a tasting at our winery, a participant asked about our old style Monopole. This wine had a lengthy barrel ageing in old oak and a profile contrary to the modern, fruity whites made mostly everywhere nowadays.

DATE 9 March, 2017

The Norwegian success of Contino

Etter at en kunde ikke hentet sine 1200 spesialtappede flasker, sendte vinmaker Jesus de Madrazo disse flaskene til Norge, og det til halve prisen.

DATE 3 March, 2017

Best wines of 2016 – From Decanter experts

Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW
95. CVNE, Imperial Gran Reserva, Rioja (2009)
Berry Bros & Rudd, Hailsham Cellar, Hedonism, Noble Green, Tanners, Whole Foods
Enticing nose of dark chocolate, liquorice and baked blackberries, refined by smoky oak. The palate is rich and complex with powerful black and red fruit, seductive cinnamon and clove with leather and chocolate on the finish.

DATE 26 October, 2016

Viña Real: Special Award of Merit Accessibility in Tourism

Our Viña Real Winery, based at Laguardia, which was pioneer on betting on building accessible wineries to people with disabilities, has achieved the Special Award of Merit Accessibility in Wine Tourism by ACEVIN.

DATE 3 August, 2016

All our CUNE wines: +90 points Wine Spectator

All our wines CUNE are above 90 points Wine Spectator after the latest data published by the magazine in its summer 2016 edition.

DATE 3 August, 2016

Contino Blanco: 91 points Decanter

Contino 2014 White by Jesus Madrazo has received 91 points by English magazine, Decanter.

DATE 3 August, 2016

Cune Reserva: Golden Glass Competition Iceland

Our wine Cune Reserva achieved the Golden Glass Competition last summer at Iceland.

DATE 3 August, 2016

Contino Garnacha: 90 points by Wine Enthusiast

Our 100% Red grenache by winemaker Jesus de Madrazo achieved 90 points by Wine Enthusiast- Ruby Red, despite its long aging it has no oxidative hue, frank nose, very intense varietal with hints from floral (roses) to fruit (strawberries, cherries) and spices (black pepper), smart mouth , tasty and very nerve length. Good finish.



Michael Schachner, editor of Wine Enthusiast magazine, commitmenthighlighted the acidity, minerality and finesse of the wine, suitable for consumption today and in 2019.



DATE 3 August, 2016

CVNE: Gold Medal Berliner Wine Trophy

Two of our Reserve wines achieved the Golden Berlin Wine Trophy Award!

DATE 3 August, 2016

Victor Urrutia, our CEO, at Wine Enthusiast

The prestigious Wine Enthusiast magazine dedicated an article to our CEO, Victor Urrutia, fifth generation of the Real de Asúa, founding family of the winery.

DATE 27 July, 2016

White and Rosés became trendy!

The trend is clear: white and rosé wines  – specially during the summer time – are becaming a MUST everywhere!

DATE 27 July, 2016

Viña Real Old Vintages by James Suckling

Old vintages of Viña Real (1949 and 1952) received 99 and 97 points respectively by prestigious critic James Suckling.

DATE 4 April, 2016

Japan Women ‘s Wine Awards 2016

On April 17th we received the Sakura, Japan Women ‘s Wine Awards 2016 at the Press Association of Madrid in an event organized by the Chamber of Japanese Trade

DATE 4 April, 2016

Best Rioja Red Wines by Decanter

Prestigious British magazine Decanter selects four of our current vintages among the 50 best – buy top reds of Rioja

DATE 30 November, 2015

Art and Wine

In 2014 CVNE started an annual exhibition programme that has focussed on contemporary sculpture.  This series of monographic shows presents pieces made by recognised artists in the winery’s centenary cellar.



DATE 6 November, 2015

Real de Asúa 2010, Top 100 Cellar Selection of 2015 Wine Enthusiast

Real de Asúa 2010, #29. Only 4 Spanish wines.

DATE 27 October, 2015

Jesus Madrazo and Tom Mathews and introduction to Contino

What does each grape variety contribute to Rioja’s red blends? What is Graciano like when bottled solo? Join Thomas Matthews and winemaker Jesús Madrazo of Contino as they talk Rioja, grape varieties, wine styles, climate and history. See video

DATE 22 October, 2015

CVNE, Top 100 wineries

We are in luck ! CVNE has been chosen among 100 best wineries in the world , according to the ranking of the publication American “Wine & Spirits Magazine”.

DATE 12 August, 2015

Imperial, Best Wine of Year 2013. El País Semanal

Cune Imperial Gran Reserva 2004, Best Wine of 2013 by Wine Spectator, at Magazine El País Semanal. Sunday November 16th.

DATE 11 August, 2015

Monopole, #64 Wine Spectator Top 100!

Wine Spectator Top 100 Selection rated Cune Rioja Blanco Monopole 2013 Rank #64 with 90 points; Unique – White Spanish wine of the list!

DATE 11 August, 2015

Cvne at Decanter – Decemeber 2014 

135 years of CVNE – history at prestigious British Magazine, Decanter – December 2014. “This Rioja stalwart has remained true to its heritage while still moving with the times”, says John Stimpfig, Editorial Content Director.

DATE 11 August, 2015

Victor Urrutia, CEO CVNE, & Levi Dalton 

CVNE CEO, Victor Urrutia Ybarra, visited Show I`ll drink to That hosted by famous Levi Dalton.

DATE 11 August, 2015

Cune Blanco Barrel Fermented 2013: Wine of the Week

Our wine Cune 2013 Barrel Fermented White has been selected as Wine of the week by prestigious British journalist, Jancis Robinson

DATE 11 August, 2015

Cune Rioja Imperial Gran Reserva #1 2004 by Wine Spectator

Victor Urrutia, CEO CVNE, accepted #1 Top Wine Of the Year Award by prestigious magazine Wine Spectator last 18th october at New York. Top honor to a Spanish Wine for the first time

DATE 11 August, 2015

Cvne and Viña Real: Best Of Wine Tourism Winners 2015

CVNE Haro and VIña Real Laguardia wineries have received Special Mention Award Best of Tourism, which is presented annually in the Bilbao – Rioja region, for its history and dedication on behalf of the wine culture and art in the business.

DATE 11 August, 2015

Contino Blanco 2011 Rated 96 Points- Decanter

Prestigious magazine Decanter rated Contino among the best white wines from Spain

DATE 11 August, 2015

10 Things every wine lover should know about CVNE by Tim Atkin MW

Article published in

DATE 11 August, 2015

Recipes with Star: Tomato & Anchovy for summer time. By Ignacio Echapresto, 1 Michelin Star.

Ignacio Echapresto teaches us how to prepare an elegant and fresh – tomato salad with smoked anchovy. A good idea for nice weather, perfect to pair with our Cune Rosé and White Monopole.

DATE 11 August, 2015

DWWA 2014 Regional Trophy

Imperial continues to delight the palates of wine lovers after almost 100 years of life. After having achieved Wine of the Year 2013 award by Wine Spectar now its the Decanter World Wine Awards, who have recognized the quality of this wine.


DATE 11 August, 2015

Cune Winery features Eduardo Chillida Exhibit

Cune, leading producer of Spanish wines from Rioja, will host ‘Chillida. The wind we do not see’ by world-renowned sculptor, Eduardo Chillida at the Cune Winery in Haro, Rioja from April 9 to September 30, 2014.

DATE 11 August, 2015

Cune Reserva 2009, 91 points Guía Peñín.

Our 2009 vintage of Cune Reserva, currently on the market, has 91 points Penin Guide and 91 points Wine Spectator. Find some info about this new product!

DATE 11 August, 2015

Viña Real achieves Special mention for Innovation, Quality and Sustainable Development Awards

Viña Real achieves Special mention for Innovation, Quality and Sustainable Development Awards at Spanish Association of te Wine’a Cities (ACEVIN) Contest.

DATE 11 August, 2015

 Wine Advocate Ratings 2013

All red – CVNE wines above 90 points Parker

DATE 11 August, 2015

CVNE achieves the Q mark for Spanish Tourist Quality

CVNE is the first centenary winery in La Rioja to achieve this recognition Q Quality. Q mark for Spanich Tourist Quality provides the unique quality – mark granted by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE).

DATE 11 August, 2015

Imperial Gran Reserva 04, 1st Wine of the Year by Wine Spectator

CVNE makes history thanks to Imperial, the winery’s flagship brand.

Imperial Gran Reserva 2004 has been ranked 1ST in the Top 100 Wine 2013 by Wine spectator. This is the first time a Spanish winery achieves such award.

DATE 11 August, 2015

CVNE becomes the first winery to achieve double environmental footprint in Spain

Cvne is the first winery in Spain to achieve the double Environmental Footprint
(Carbon and Water). This double Footprint helps to verify the greenhouse gas emissions as well as the
direct and indirect consumption of water. The certification has been done according to a C2G (Cradle to Gate) approach. This starts with the growing of the raw materials and goes up to the first step of
distribution.  The double Environmental Footprint has been achieved for the Cune Crianza wine.

DATE 11 August, 2015

CVNE among the top 100 wineries according Wines & Spirits

CVNE among the top 100 wineries in the world. Two Rioja wineries – in a total of eight Spanish – are listed this year among the hundred best of 2013 in the ranking compiled by Wine Spirits magazine to mark the tenth anniversary of its awards ‘Top 100 Tasting Event’.

DATE 28 July, 2015

Unique Wine – Event: La Cata del Barrio de la Estación

A magical journey to the golden mile of Rioja wine. Next Sept 19th! Limited places.

DATE 28 July, 2015

Summer 2015 – Wine Ratings

Our wines continue to receive high scores in the international wine business: our Cune Rosado 2014, perfect wine for this really – hot summer, achieved 90 points from Wine Spectator  and James Suckling’s report highlighted one of our more special wines, Contino Gran Reserva 2007, with 98 points.

DATE 23 June, 2015

Our white brand, Monopole, is 100 years!

Monopole,  Spain’s oldest white wine, has been produced since 1915 from the native Rioja Viura grape variety and celebrates 100 years with us!

DATE 25 May, 2015

2 of our wines rated with maximum: 100 Parker – Points!

Corona 1939 and 1959 Vina Real  Gran Reserva achieved maximim recognition 100 points, perfect score from the world’s most influential wine critic, Robert Parker!

DATE 25 May, 2015

Special Wine Advocate article: Viña Real Vertical Tasting 1933 – 2004

Vertical / Retrospective Tasting of the Year: a great vertical of CVNE’s Viña Real, one of the most consistent historical reds from Rioja! Special article by Luis Gutiérrez, at Wine Advocate.

DATE 26 March, 2015

Our wines keep achieving best ratings! We are proud to announce that our wines keep achieving high ratings from most prestigious magazines: Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast!

DATE 17 March, 2015

CVNE Winery Features Exhibition of Cristina Iglesias’s Work

Last year CVNE, located in the town of Haro in La Rioja, featured an exhibition of the work of renowned Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida. This year, it will be the work of Cristina Iglesias that will be on display at our iconic Rioja winery, starting on March 27th, 2015.